Bugfixed version is up!

So now that the Jam is over I am uploading here a bugfixed version. Not all the detected issues are gone but there’s quite a few nice fixes:

  • Unit is released after drinking a potion
  • Offensive magic is no longer free, takes 1 spell point to use it
  • Better end-game detection, even though it is not fully fixed… requires some End Turn action… working of fixing that but the curren dialog system enters some race conditions the way it is now
  • Multiple games can be played… the previous version was losing the menu due to a stupid var name collision

Also I have started some work on Fantasy Tactics HD (128x128, full PICO 8’s native resolution). You can get a glimpse on how it is looking so far…


fantasy_tactics.zip Play in browser
Aug 24, 2020


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Nice list of bug fixes you added. The HD version looks great so far! I would be keen to play it too.