Tonatiuh, the Sun God is angry! The High Priest Tonauac has decided to invoke the Tanatiuh Cualo, the ritual that will eat the Sun God and placate his wrath, but to achieve it he needs the Jewel skulls to be placed in their right places in Tenochtitlan's Templo Mayor.

While he prepares for the ritual, he sends you, the Aztec prince Guatemoc, into the temple to search for the sacred skulls and place them in their pedestals. Beware the traps and misteries that protect the sacred grounds of the Temple!

Code, SFX & Art by SlainteES

Music & SFx  by:  VavMusicMagic

Controls:  Keyboard & Gamepad


This is the LOWREZJAM 2022 version of the game.  The game can be completed but is not out of development.  

Known issues/bugs:

  • Jumping whlie climbing continuously reattach you to the ladder if pressing a directional button
  • some issues with "top of a ladder" state detection can cause you to drop from the top of a ladder
  • Some performance issues randomly due to suboptimal collision detection
  • If dying mid-air ocassionally the game does not make you land before actually dying (rare to happen)
  • Minor sync issues detecting activable objects (particularly Obsidian mirrors, that can be activated a bit earlier than they should)
  • Game breaking issue in edge case checks at the top of a ladder... will fix post-jam (technically cannot modify the entry while rating goes on). Should not happen that often, but there seems to be ppl really skilled on triggering it.  Thank you @greymagic for the bug-report [FIXED]
  • Some more (yes... those again...) ladder issues can end up pushing you inside walls... 1 bugreport so far, but a nasty one... 
  • Not reseting X velocity to 0 when dying and respawning moving in X direction [FIXED]
  • Strange combo fails to detect instant-death at spikes

Missing in Action...

  • Better and bigger map... had no time and no tokens to support more things...
  • Proper particle engine to add some eye-candy effects
  • Proper ending screen/sequence with Tonatiuh Cualo happening, no time and no space left to squeeze it in
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsSlainteES, vavmusicmagic
Made withPICO-8, GraphicsGale
TagsPICO-8, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksPico Playtime Review by @extar

Development log


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I waited to play this game for so long.

I'm so glad to play it and finish it today.

It's a super cool game.

One of my favorites on the Pico 8.

What about making a longer version on an other framework ?

Thank you for playing it and the feedback. Actually planning on extending it still inside pico ;) We will see if it will jump platforms at some point (maybe love2D…)

Had a bit of an issue with the shorter range jumps, but persevered.

Thank you for playing it through. There’s a few things to polish with controls and fine-tunning the jump. Wanted to go for a more cinematic approach. Main issue is it requires a strict button press order. Already working on a post-jam rewrite to fix a few things and that’s top of the list.

Congratulations on making this game !

I've played your game during a live that you can watch here :

The live is timestamped so you can go directly to your game.

I hope the feedback and live reactions will be useful. Keep it up !


Thank you very much!

(1 edit)

My pleasure !

Not finished yet, but I love the it ! Good controls, puzzle and pixels. Nice job !

Thank you for playing and the feedback. Really glad you are having fun with this little game.

I love the aesthetic, both visual and audio!

Thank you for playing and the feedback

thanks very much!  

Great to play it! 

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

Really nice game! I just completed it. Kinda hard but in a nice way, it is not unfair. The graphics are really nice! A lot of detail in such a small resolution, but still everything is readable. Good job!

Thank you ;) This resolution can be a killer for detail and I think I managed to rank well in that aspect. Getting used to the non air-control in jumps is probably what makes it harder, you need to gauge your jump to don’t miss and/or land hard. Glad you liked it!

Lovely lovely lovely! Pixel art is so perfect. I will play more in the morning. (Oh wait, it is morning.)

Thank you :) Took forever to animate this